Over the last 27 years,
a research cinema,
a collective venue in Brussels.
To keep it away from
the real estate market.
To ensure its
programming independence.
452.550 €

We are already 1000!

Today, 8 December 2023, we celebrate the milestone of 1,000 cooperators! It’s not just a number, it’s the expression of a large and determined community. It’s also proof that, together, we can make Nova a permanent part of the Brussels cosmos for decades to come. Thank you so much for your support! We haven’t reached […]

Offer shares!

We often get asked the question: can we give away Supernova Coop shares? Well, yes: we’ve just adapted the online form for buying shares to make this possible! It requires a slightly different procedure… But it’s done in just a few clicks. See our FAQ for details. To mark the end of 2023 and the […]

Subscribing shares for children?

Taking Supernova Coop shares for children? Another question we’re regularly asked, and one that makes sense when we’re talking about maintaining an independent cultural venue until 2092! The answer is yes, it’s possible. Our form has just been adapted for this purpose. The shares must be subscribed in the name of the person who has […]

Press review

Le Vif, Radio Panik, Bruzz, RTBF, La Capitale, La Dernière Heure, Het Nieuwsblad, Metro, RTL, VRT, De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws, Sabzian, De Wereld Morgen, Le Soir, BX1, Alors raconte, Cinergie, The Bulletin, Flair…

End of lease: the teaser by Patar & Aubier

Vincent Patar & Stéphane Aubier (“Pic Pic André Shoow”, “Panique au Village”…) directed the first video of the Supernova campaign. Spread it around you!
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