End of lease at Nova!

The new Nova programme is out! And we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about what’s happening to us at the moment…

A lease that ends in May and a rent that, after remaining modest for 20 years, could rise so high that Nova would no longer be Nova. Unless his joker, Supernova Coop, manages to get him out of this bad situation before March 31… So, the Nova team is working hard.

As the end of the lease approaches, it’s this unique cinema and these non-commercial values that we need to defend and cultivate. This is the story that will unfold over the next seven weeks, on the screen and in the theatre on the rue d’Arenberg. This story, which is not just ours, will unfold through films, encounters, exhibitions, concerts, special events… right up until the final countdown at the end of February, a month before the fateful date of 31 March. Between now and then, we’ll be pulling out all the stops… because this time, there’s no question of thinking about the last screening.

From Januari 11 to February 25.



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