Gala D-37 (sold out)

Friday 23 February at Cinema Nova, former Maison du Rire:

20:00 > Gala

In the purest tradition of music hall, this evening will be an opportunity to pay tribute to the great history of the illustrious venue on the rue d’Arenberg, to retrace its genesis and to present the ambitious trajectory of Supernova Coop: maintaining the hall as an independent cultural venue, protecting Nova from property pressures and placing it in orbit… until the year 2092. We’ll be counting down the final 37 days until 31 March, the fateful date on which the Supernova nebula must raise the funds needed to fulfil its mission. A whole constellation of artists will be bending over the cradle of a star that has just celebrated its 27th birthday and is about to embark on a 68-year journey… Queer stand-ups, teleportation, astral themes, transhumanism, artificial intelligence training acts, letters to the editor, current affairs, chanson-express, return to the past, this inter-gala-ctic evening will be a staggering, sidereal experience of the 2092 reasons and ways to stay in place!

  • Husher’s : Stéphane Menti & Brune Bazin.
  • Esoteric advisor : Laurent Petit from l’ANPU (Agence Nationale de Psychanalyse Urbaine).
  • With : Sasha Allen, Blister Fleg, Robin Bonenfant, Jonathan Carrier, Marie Darah, Boris Dambly & the Ghost Army, Sara Selma Dolores, Malteria Prima Orchestra, Guillaume Maupin, Charlotte Mousset, Camille Pier, Vakha Profana, Refurinn Kitsune, Zouz & Théa…

• 24:00 > 2092 Sound System

After testing gravity from a seated position in the hall, we’ll stretch our legs downstairs with Sara Atka, T42 and Rodolphe Coster at the controls of our spaceship, in search of the unknown music of the year 2092. A nocturnal journey that we hope will be telluric, gaseous and magnetic, luminous as a supernova, eclectic as the diversity of planetary systems, chaotic as a Big Bang…

→ Pre-sales required for the entire evening (10€ / 7€ / 4€) :

Gala sold out!

You can always try your luck at the door, as some people who have made reservations may not come. Any seats that are not occupied 5 minutes before the start of the evening will be put back on offer.

VENUE : Cinema Nova - 3 Arenbergstreet, 1000 Brussels
DATE : Friday 23 February 2024 - 20:00
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