Terms and general conditions

Acquisitions of shares

The purchase of shares is governed by the Code of Companies and Associations and more especially by the cooperative’s statutes, which are available on the Moniteur belge website. Supernova Coop is accredited by the FPS Economy as a social enterprise and as a cooperative society.

All information relating to this offer of class B (supporter) and C (investor) shares is described in detail in our FAQ.

Legal information on the share offering is available in the information note on the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) website. This document, which is required for any fundraising of this type (public offering), contains information about the issuer, the amount and nature of the investment products being offered, the reasons for and terms of the offer, and any risks. The offer document for this campaign has been released on 9 June 2023. It remains valid for 365 days.

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