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We have until the 31st of March 2024 to raise the necessary amount of money, €794,000 for the purchase of the building. This sum will cover the purchase of the long lease and a number of ancillary costs, and will enable the cooperative to carry out a certain number of maintenance works.

Whether you are a regular or occasional member of our audience, a friend of a friend of Nova, a not-profit organisation, a private company, a public institution, a capitalist feeling guilty, if you are thinking of a useful and original gift, if you are involved in cinema, art, culture or social economy, or if you simply want to contribute to the long-term future of an atypical and vibrant venue, you are most welcome to acquire shares in this wonderful cooperative! The only requirement is that you share its ethos and vision.

Buying shares

Supernova Coop has been accredited as a social economy enterprise and has been accorded the “Finance Solidaire” label, which certifies that investments made by buying shares in the cooperative contribute to a project where people and the environment are at its very core.

Anyone can purchase shares without any restriction! There are two types of shares:  ones at 50€ (B shares known as “supporter shares”) and if your finances allow other ones at 1,000 € (C shares known as “investor shares”). You can buy as many of them as you like! Once validated by the Administrative Board, you will become a Supernova Coop cooperator and will be able to take part in the annual General Assembly where you will be able to express your vote (one vote per coop member, regardless of the number of shares acquired and of their value). The only reason for buying more shares is  to offer more support to the cooperative and therefore to Nova. And, of course,  to actively secure the future of the venue and its activities.

Other ways to support Supernova Coop:

→ Join the information sessions organised at Cinema Nova:

  • Thursday 30 November, 8.00 PM
  • Thursday 18 January, 8.00 PM
  • Sunday 18 February, 6.00 PM

→ Talk about it and spread the word around you (messages of support, video, relaying our publications by tagging, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon,…), explaining why it’s important to you.

→ Reach us out if  you have a place where you can hang up a poster or display our  brochure and the leaflets, or show one of the campaign’s promotional clips. 

→ You can also help organising a meeting to present the Supernova project and widen the circle of sympathisers (contact:

→ Would you like to find out more about the Nova building? Guided visits are organised in December, January and February to visit the cinema and retrace its history. Dates will be posted on our website.

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