Who we are

Supernova is Cinema Nova’s dream for the future.

Cinema Nova was started in 1997 in the historic  centre of Brussels as an act of urgency, and was intended to be a temporary venue. A quarter of a century later it is still going strong and looks set to be around for a long time to come!

But in today’s competitive world, it is not easy to continue to offer dedicated, eclectic, diverse and original artistic programmes at democratic prices, in a warm and friendly environment. While at the same time striving to avoid business logics and favouring openness, exchange, horizontality and a collective way of working.

To make this dream come true, Nova has invented an ideal property owner that will guarantee the use of the venue over the long term and will ensure that it can continue its activities with all its artistic and economic independence. In this way, Nova will be able to focus on its cultural vocation and maintain its affordable prices.

We therefore warmly invite you to take part in the Supernova project to propel Cinema Nova into the future and support it in carrying out its mission… until the end of the century!

Cinema Nova, more than just a cinema

Cinema Nova is established in the very centre of Brussels in a building with a rich cultural past. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to independent cinema, with a rich programme of films of all genres. It differs from the other cinemas in the city in that it encourages the expression of minority communities and promotes contemporary, rare and often previously unreleased films in Belgium.

Screenings are often presented in a wide range of themed programmes and modules, along with discussions with the public, exhibitions, concerts and other events. Other activities are organised in the basement foyer, thus contributing to a unique programme all year round.

Particular attention is also paid to the technical presentation of the films, with respect to their original formats, like for example in the case of celluloid films.

Nova also aims to contextualise films and programmes by providing a background to social, political and artistic issues… By being deeply rooted in the urban and social realities of Brussels, Nova is a place where public voices can aim at re-politicising social debates, thus contributing to positive societal changes.

How does cinema Nova work?

Cinema Nova is a non-profit association run by a collective of volunteers. Its horizontal structure, which is an essential aspect of the project, encourages openness, collaboration and the participation of members in the decision-making processes and in the choices made for the film programmes. The team is composed of around  a hundred people who are involved in many different ways. The team regularly welcomes new members, often from the public, who are keen to get involved in the project.

Securing a future for Cinema Nova

Since its beginnings, cinema Nova has become a reference well beyond Belgium’s borders. Appraised for the quality and originality of its programming, which complement that of other cinemas in Brussels, it provides a place for exchange of knowledge and discussions, and acts as a platform for emerging cultural initiatives. The originality and audacity of the project as well as the way it operates have also contributed to its international reputation. Nova has become a model for how a ‘different’¬† cinema might be, and has remained relevant in an ever-changing cultural landscape.

However, in a context of increasing real estate pressure in Brussels, particularly in the city centre, Cinema Nova’s survival is far from assured. The goal of the Supernova project is to preserve this emblematic venue, as well as to safeguard its history, its unique cultural offer, its accessibility, its conviviality and its freedom of programming.

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